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Orphans and The Royal Marouni Spa

Thanks to our collaboration with the amazing Tanj from Royal Marouni Spa we were able to donate Butterfly menstrual cups to the girls at this small orphanage on the outskirts of Harare. It is a drop in the ocean but it proves that when girls are given the correct education about their menstrual health, the Butterfly Cup is a safe and acceptable solution for young girls. Often times it is the communities who can afford to purchase sanitary wear for themselves or their family who insist on upholding beliefs that discriminate against girls. In our experience, the greatest uptake of the Butterfly cup is not in a community that has choice but with the thousands of girls and women who find themselves forced to use rags, cottonwool, rolled up newspaper, grass, leaves or cowdung to prevent the shameful and humiliating experience of soiling their clothes with menstrual blood.

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